Fightin’ Words // On Not Writing


If you’re not writing, then you’re not a writer. There. I said it. Fight me. Continue reading Fightin’ Words // On Not Writing


WITP // Stop Eulogizing the Living.

The following post contains misquotes and inaccuracies. I have the correct statements scattered somewhere around this office, but I don’t feel like looking them up. I’m not sorry. Deal with it. Continue reading WITP // Stop Eulogizing the Living.

we interrupt this program // 9.2.17

My Process

If you look back, you’ll see that Morning Coffee started as a fifteen-minute warm-up. Thanks to you, it’s grown into a popular little fiction series. (And seriously, thanks.) I won’t lie: it’s been a challenge keeping everything straight. But it’s worth it; when my readers appreciate my work as much as you do, it behooves me to pay meticulous attention to it. So here’s a little look at me, the man behind the curtain. Continue reading we interrupt this program // 9.2.17