morning coffee: A Second Inexplicable Leaf

The leaf I pinned to my cubicle wall is growing. 

Last week, I spotted its tiny roots boring into the cubicle wall. Now, a second leaf has sprouted. It unscrolled itself while I drank my coffee this morning.

“Hello, little guy!” I said. “Good morning!”

The leaf said nothing, but it appeared to quiver in response. Perhaps I imagined it. Perhaps it was my leg charlie horsing under the desk. I tend to have happy feet.

I reached up to pet it, and it bit my finger–or at least that’s the closest word I can think of to describe what happened. The leaf clung to me like velcro. When I jerked back, it ripped up a patch of skin. It absorbed the blood, shook, and scrolled itself back shut.

I tend to wonder if it is, in fact, an oak leaf. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen an oak tree. I have no idea what their leaves look like, so it could be anything. It could be a fern. The way it acts, it might be some strain of ivy. I wouldn’t know; I’m terrible with plants.

In the meantime, I’m glad my little buddy is doing well. I think I’ll name it Bill.

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