morning coffee: Someone’s Eating My Lunch

My lunch is gone. I didn’t eat it.

I carry it with me in a black lunch box. I pack the box in my red backpack every day. Each morning, I stow it in the blue cubby next to my filing cabinet. Then I boot my computer, log in, clock in, and sip my morning coffee. When I get hungry, I pull the box from its home, unzip it, and graze while I write.

Today, the lunch box was empty.

I remember packing it: a tuna salad sandwich with homemade pickles, salt and vinegar chips, and a fruit cup. I remember setting a cold pack on top of it, zipping it, and placing it in my backpack. But here it is–empty.

Is it possible that someone stole it? E—‘s out today, sick, and I haven’t seen my boss for weeks. It couldn’t have been K—; she works remotely. Could it have been T—, the janitor? I haven’t seen him this morning, either. Maybe he’s hiding somewhere, eating my tuna salad, tossing the crusts and pickles and wiping his hands on his grimy coveralls. Maybe. Or–

I reach inside the box one last time, to sweep for clues. I insert my finger, my hand, my wrist, my forearm, my shoulder.

I seem to have found a black hole.

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“Morning coffee” is a serial fiction series, served fresh daily. So far, we’ve covered rubberneckers, co-workers, cubicle stains, office plants, desk trophies, conspiracies, secret organizations, pocket dimensions, black holes, and impending, inevitable doom. And that’s just the beginning.

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      1. I really enjoyed playing with scale in this one. Such a large thing inside something so small. Anywho, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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