State of the Coffee

Hoo doggie, have I fallen off the radar! There’s a reason why you haven’t seen any fiction posts from me in about six months.

I’ve been writing a book.

“Morning Coffee” is becoming a novel. While blogging, I fell in love with the “Morning Coffee” universe. The stories were quick, fun, compelling. I just wasn’t a big fan of my medium. Despite best-laid plans, I lost the scent of several plot lines. A lot of setups simply didn’t pay off. Flash fiction is a little too short for writing long, complex stories.

So I threw everything in a big-ass Google Doc and started editing it. In the past six months, I’ve completely reworked the plot, story, and characters, and I’m finally starting to feel good about it.

If I’m feeling cheeky, I’ll throw a chapter or two up here. 

Thanks for reading, fam. If it weren’t for you, I’d have never started.

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