Update: We’re Moving! (Sort of.)

Irrecollections has (and always will be) a haven for fresh-squeezed content, both fiction and nonfiction.

To better meet your needs, we’re undergoing some renovations. Major renovations. And we’re pretty damn pumped about it. The metadata’s all packed, old articles have been trashed, and all-new content’s primed and waiting to post. All that remains is a flip of the switch.

And the best part–you don’t have to go anywhere. Same address, new house.

Thanks for all of your support. Thanks for all the comments and emails; thanks for the notes and encouragement. You’re the best.

morning coffee: Everyone is Dead, Maybe, Possibly

I don’t mean to complain. I’m not complaining. I’m not a complainer, per se, but I’ve been the only team member to consistently show up to work for over three weeks.  Continue reading morning coffee: Everyone is Dead, Maybe, Possibly