These 4 Gutenberg Hacks Will Change the Way You Blog

Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 are coming whether we like it or not. Are you ready to make the switch? If not, come see us at Gutenberg 101. We’re looking forward to answering all your questions

For now, here are some basic hacks to help you make the most of your Gutenberg experience on day one.

Drag and Drop Images Directly Into Blocks

As of Gutenberg 1.0, users can now drag and drop images directly into posts–either between blocks or into the image block placeholder. This removes the old, clunky insert media function, which required users to select the “add media” button, upload a file, format, and insert.

Simply open the file on your computer and drag it where you need it, just like a Medium post. Simple, right?

Use “Slash Autocomplete” to Add Blocks More Quickly

Does clicking “Insert” and selecting blocks sound like too much work? We think so. As of patch 1.1, users can use the “slash autocomplete” feature to add content more quickly. Simply write a backslash (the “/” key) and start typing the block type you need.

Need a headline? /headline

Want to add an image gallery? /gallery

It’s as easy as adding a Giphy in Slack.

Preview Your Custom Code With Live HTML Blocks

In the past, editing custom HTML in posts was a chore. Bloggers essentially had to juggle tabs to test their HTML functionality. That meant switching between the editor and a page preview every time they made a change.

Now, you can toggle directly from the editor: with the “live HTML editor” block, you can write and view your code in real-time.

Find Your Favorite Blocks Faster With Recent Blocks

You shouldn’t have to sift through all the blocks you don’t use, right? Auttomatic doesn’t think so, either.  Now, when you insert a new block, you can select the “Recent” tab to see all your most-used elements in one place. That way, you can focus more on content and less on formatting–even if you aren’t tech-savvy enough for “slash autocomplete.”

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