Update: Let’s Collaborate!


Blogging is about community. It’s about making real connections with others through comments, shared posts, feedback, and team-ups. It’s about working together to create something new and special. And if it weren’t for people like you, I still wouldn’t know the first thing about proper SEO, crossposting, graphic design, or scheduling. But here I am, five months in with about 100 subscribers and a growing, steady readership. But we aren’t done just yet. Let’s grow that community. Let’s collaborate by writing together and featuring each other.

So, writers, artists, designers–email me, and let’s ring in the new year by making something cool together.

Stay weird,


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  1. stupidbadstories

    Hey there Jake, I’m interested in doing a collaboration with you. Sounds fun. Whether you’d like to write one for me, or have me write one for you, or both, it’s all a cool pool noodle to me!

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